Taman Negara canopy walk

Taman Negara Canopy Walk

Malaysia has many types of adventure packages to offer thrill seeking tourist. These range from home stays to white water rafting, jungle tracking, mountaineering, bird watching etc. The choices are endless.

There are also team building facilities with adventure packed activities if you are looking for ways to create bonding within the employees of your organization.

You don’t truly experience a country until you live in one. Homestays let you experience what life is like in a traditional Malay environment. All homestays offer various packages to accommodate your requirements and length of stay. Packages include day trip which will be a quick visit to a local attraction, 2 days 1 night stay with host families & experience daily routines, and 3 days 2 nights stay with host families with local entertainment arranged
Taman Negara is reputed to be the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. The park spans across three states i.e. Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang and covers an area of 4343 sq. km’s and was declared for conservation in 1938. Originally known as the King George V National Park, it was renamed Taman Negara after Malaysia’s independence.
Sungai Selangor, Kuala Kubu Baru is a very popular destination for whitewater activities. It has rapids that are reputed to meet Olympic standards for whitewater kayaking. The upper river is graded as II-III grade where this section provides the run for tubing and fun inflatable kayaking when water levels are low. The lower river, however is graded II-IV providing the thrills and spills for whitewater rafting and kayaking on its entire 7 km
The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) is renowned internationally for its tropical forestry research. The 600-hectare area was gazetted in 1926 to conduct research into the sustainable management of Malaysia’s rainforest. Since then, it has excelled in its efforts for rainforest conservation and education.

The main attraction in FRIM would be the Canopy Walkway. It is 150m in length and built quite sturdy on five large rainforest tree tops, 30m above the ground. The walkway was initially erected for the benefit of scientists to study flora and fauna at treetop level but it is now open to the public.

Kampung Kuantan is known for its fireflies (or kelip-kelip, as it is fondly called by the locals) that dwell along its river banks and feeding on the Berembang trees that grow well in brackish water. The site is known as one of the largest firefly colonies in the world. Taking a small boat into the quiet darkness at night you will find yourself amazingly enthralled by the thousands of fireflies that flicker. At dusk, the fireflies gather in Berembang trees to feed on its tree sap and flash to attract a mate. Although both the male and female species light up, only the males do it in unison!

To help protect these rare sightings, you are also advised against the use of flash cameras and capture the glowing bugs.

Kuala Selangor Nature Park is a haven for a wide variety of flora and fauna. It comprises over 200 hectares of coastal land where a large part is mangrove ecosystems which protect the coastline, serve as fish breeding ground, give refuge to diverse wildlife and supply wood.

Kuala Selangor Nature Park stretches over 800 acres of three distinct habitats which include inland secondary forests, muddy estuaries and mudflats, and a brackish lake that is inhibited by wetland animals. The area also has more than 150 species of birds and an estimated 100,000 wading birds, comprising 30 species, passing through here on their annual migration. Thus, bird watching is one interesting activity here. There are four trails to take to view the wildlife. Observation hides and towers are available to visitors. You are advised to bring along binoculars and camera with telephoto lens to have a better of the birds and other animals. There are also chalets for those who are interested to experience a night in the wilderness.

The above are just some examples of adventure tours within one to three hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.
Malaysia has other attractions for more serious adventurers. Email us to know more.